Recipe Redux: Mini Vanilla Cheesecakes

With 2013 well underway February Recipe Redux theme is Oscars in the Kitchen.  With the Oscars just a mere 3 days away what better way to honour the Oscars than creating a healthy recipe inspired by either your favourite movie scene or featured dish from any movie. With so many choices it was hard to narrow down my choice. In the end I couldn’t go past the scene in Marie Antoinette where she is lying in a froth of decadence… eating cakes. Sounds like my kind of life! One of my favourite desserts is cheesecake but sometimes they can  sit really heavy in your stomach and are also often very rich. My little shot glass vanilla no-bake cheesecakes are perfect for a sweet tooth but can also convince any non-dessert eater, its just too hard to resist. A modern take on an ever so classic recipe. Enjoy!

marie antoniette



140g butternut biscuits (can use really any biscuit you like)

80g butter

90g sugar

100ml low fat cream

200g low fat cream cheese

2 tbsp vanilla paste

1 nectarine (choose any fruit you like)


1. In a plastic bag or glad wrap place the biscuits and tightly secure. Crush the biscuits with a wooden spoon or anything you can find until biscuits are crushed.

2. Blend crushed biscuits in a food processer, add butter and 1 tablespoon of sugar.


3. Place biscuit mixture in the bottom of shot glasses about 1cm-2cm high. Place in refrigerator.

4. Whip cream separately until soft peaks form. Set aside.

5. Mix in a bowl low fat cream cheese and remaining sugar.


6. Fold whipped cream into cheese mixture and add vanilla paste.

7. Remove glasses from refrigerator and place heaped spoonfuls of cheesecake mixture on top.

8. Top with your favourite fruit and refrigerator for at least 1 hour.


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  1. Oooh lovely little portion controlled desserts – if you stick to just one!

    1. Oh Emma it is hard I must say! My Dad ate 3 of them and my partner who doesn’t even like Cheesecake likes them! Its irresistible! Looking forward to seeing your creation Em. Xxx

  2. I love cheesecake too Stephanie! These are perfect to satisfy a cheesecake craving.

    1. Thanks Nina! Yes they are, you can modify it however you like. Next time I make them I am going to add some fresh fruit in the cheesecake like some blueberries and strawberries!

  3. I haven’t seen the movie, but that photo looks like something I would enjoy doing myself! Mini desserts are the best.

    1. It’s a really good movie, beautiful costumes and set. I wish more restaurants had mini dessert options instead of those huge portions that leave you feeling like you over-indulged all the time!

  4. Beautiful and perfect little sweet bite to end a good meal. Love the photo from the movie too – look forward to making these with my daughter.

    1. Thanks Deanna! Its the most amazing photo, although if that was me I would be alot fatter with all those desserts surrounding me. Happy cooking!

  5. saroj kumar rai · · Reply

    could you please suggest an health alternative for soft drinks. I recently came to know that people actually us it as pesticides in some parts of world. the very same soda drinks that we cherish everyday.

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